Bike Parking Systems
Bike Parking Systems Overview
More than 1.5 million bicycles are reported stolen every year in the United States, and fear of bicycle theft is recognized as a significant deterrent to bicycle use. The availability of safe and convenient parking is as critical to bicyclists as it is for motorists and yet it is frequently overlooked in the design and operation of shops, offices, schools, and other buildings. BikeConnect has developed cost effective and easy to implement solutions.

Bicycle parking needs to be visible, accessible, easy to use, convenient, and plentiful. Racks need to support the whole bike (not just one wheel) and enable the user to lock the frame and wheels of the bike with a cable or U-shaped lock. Parking should preferably be covered, well lit, and in plain view without being in the way of pedestrians or motor vehicles. And if any of these criteria aren't met, there's a good chance cyclists won't use what is provided and will park wherever they think their bike will be safe.

About BikeConnect Manufactured Bike Parking Systems
One of the attributes that separates BikeConnect from common fabricators, is our commitment to purpose driven design. Careful attention is given to the function of a particular component rather than simply utilize standard tubing, angles and flat bars. We have made considerable investment into the development of specially engineered aluminum extrusions that incorporate functional shapes to achieve particular functions, minimize the number of parts required and eliminate many fasteners. As a bonus, fewer parts usually also simplify installation.

When the design choice requires style and sturdiness, BikeConnect offers the perfect package with additional elements to complement existing transit shelters and/or develop something totally unique. BikeConnect offers a variety of standard designs in a range of colors and finishes. Beautiful designs add to the aesthetics of the community and significantly enhance the streetscape. But style must be backed by substance, and BikeConnect maintains an engineering team on retainer and engineers who are licensed in all 50 states and using the latest design software. That assures that every BikeConnect structure is in compliance with local building codes.

Materials specifications. The metals used in crafting BikeConnect’'s shelters, kiosks and other structures are specifically sourced for optimal strength during cutting, bending, drilling and welding. We invest in quality, because we know it takes the best to make the best.

Manufacturing standards. BikeConnect products are fabricated in the United States by a team of experienced craftsmen to best-in-category levels of durability and structural integrity. Our powder coating process withstands high-pressure cleaning, graffiti removal solvents and the long-term impact of salt, sun and climate extremes.

Custom capability. For structures installed in public spaces, style matters. If you are not finding something suitable for your needs from our standard products you don’t have to settle—not when you can opt for a look that’s unique to your project, your constituency and your community. With BikeConnect we can design a completely unique structure based on your needs.

Sustainability. While encouraging sustainability is now a critical business mandate, and attractive shelters encourage utilization, an environmental positive; we practice what we preach. BikeConnect offers shelters made with recycled materials, a powder-coat process that produces no VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and LED lighting options powered by low-draw 110-volt or solar.

BikeConnect Bike Huts warrants the products and materials manufactured by it, when properly assembled and installed, to be free from defects in materials and workmanship, when under normal use and service, for a period of three (3) years.